May 17, 2022


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100 Most Reputable Students: Animasaun, Jesunifemi, others made no impact — The Psyberea group

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By Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu

“…no matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what office or position you occupy in the university as a student, if you are not having effect, if you are not making visible impact in your faculty, you don’t have business being in the list”, said the Psyberea group.

In the bid to calm the public nerves regarding the conspicuous omissions of the immediate past Presidents of the University of Ilorin Students’ Union and that of the Senate Council, Comrade Oluseyi Animasaun and Comrades Jesunifemi Akano respectively, the group, yesterday, explained why the duo, among others, were not featured, saying the list was based on merit and not on personality.

The group, in a telephone interview with one of the key players in the group who crave for anonymity, explained that the processes through which the list passed did not allow for recognition of the immediate past Presidents as none of them was able to successfully tick all the boxes. Hence, the list only consists of those who fully merited it irrespective of status.

“The 100 Most Reputable Students is basically not a list of the most popular, the most essential on the campus. It is the list of people who have constantly made impact — visible impact — in their respective fields starting from within.”, The group explained.

While reiterating the efforts put in place to ensure credibility of purpose of the list, the group maintained that: “at the recommendation stage which was preliminary stage, we had 1250 students across the 15 faculties in the school. But then the list is about the 100 — just a hundred. So they had to go through a quarter final stage. Some names that could not be defended as to why they should be on the list were cut off.

“Then we moved to the semi final stage where as well some names were cut. We did so hard to get to the final 100 names. It was tasking thing. So basically it took 3 months process.

“People that were recommended from their faculties, no matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what office or position you occupy in the university as a student, if you’re not having effect, if you are not making any visible impact, you don’t have business being on the list.

So the question of the Presidents not making the list is very simple to answer: The President himself was had to go through the same process, same with the Vice President. They were had to go through the same process from their faculties level. The president is from College of Health Sciences, I think the answer to your question is very simple, it’s about going to the CoHS and finding out what they think about him.”, The group clarified.

In the same light, the group gave details on the cardinals virtues considered to arrive at the shortlisted 100 reputable personalities. According to the group the virtues “cut across many things, ranging from leadership, politics, entrepreneurship; those who are into entertainment — Musicians, dancers, artist, photographer, and lot others.

“It also cut across people who have been making impacts. Some of the categories of those in comedy, fashion models, the faculty and departmental scholars, public speakers, social media influencers, bloggers within the university, writers, poets, youth advocates, and the likes. And of course, we also try to recognise the physically impaired individuals who in spite of their predicament, they are still outstanding in their fields.”, The group explained.

The Psyberea group had on Friday August 31st released a list compromises a hundred Students of the university of Ilorin considered to be the most reputable amongst their peers. The emergence of the list hitherto had been attracting public spat; while some have been reeling commendations and eulogies, respectively, a significant shunk of enthusiastic students have also been lashing out to the brains behind the list, conspicuous of which is the infamous omissions of the immediate past President of the Students’ Union, and the Students’Union Senate President, Comrades Oluseyi Animasaun and Jesunifemi Akano, respectively, amongst other eminent students personalities.


UCJ-UNILORIN will keep our esteemed audience posted as new information regarding the controversies the list has generated unfold. However in the meantime, stay tuned to the full gist in the interview which will be made available soon.

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