May 19, 2022


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2nd Ordinary Sitting: Senate Constitutes Judicial Council, UISAPC

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Christiana Peter, Adedimeji Quayyim

In the 2nd Ordinary Sitting of the University of Ilorin Senate Council held on Saturday, 17th of July, 2020 at the Agriculture Lecture theatre, the Judicial Council and the Unilorin Independent Students’ Anti Corrupt Practice Commission (UISACPC) was constituted.

In the constitution of the Judicial Council, Akinola Damilola Emmanuel from Faculty of Arts and Anthony from Faculty of Life Sciences emerges Bailiff and Registrar respectively through a secret ballot voting as administered by the Deputy Senate President.

Subject to Article 15 (G1) of the Students’ Union Compendium, Justice Ola-Lawal Mu’azzu Abolaji, having been the most senior law student among the returning members of the Students’ Union Judiciary was appointed by the Senate President, Senator Femi, as the Chief Justice of the Students’ Union.

To examine, review and enforce the correction of corruption-prone systems and procedures of public bodies, to eliminate corruption in public life, and to educate and enlighten the public on and against corruption, the Unilorin Independent Students’ Anti Corrupt Practice Commission was constituted.

After much deliberation on the reasonability of the experiences gained by the two commissioners who indicated interest to be the Chairman of the UISACPC, commissioner Israel Oluwabunmi from the Faculty of Life Sciences emerged as chairman with 11 votes against Commissioner Abolaji with 1 vote from the Faculty of Arts.

Muhammed Khadijah with 13 valid votes and Bagbansoro Fahd with 13 valid votes emerged General Secretary and PRO of the Commission respectively.

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