July 28, 2021


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33rd Convocation Begins: Ambali steps down VC as Unilorin produces 89 first-class

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The University of Ilorin began her 33rd convocation ceremony with the Vice Chancellor’s press briefing, handing over and book presentation, on 13th October, 2017. The press briefing began with the Vice Chancellor’s address, titled ‘You are great’. He acknowledged everyone who contributed to the success of his tenure during the last five years, as the Vice Chancellor of the University. He further stated his achievements, which he said include, the emergence of first position at the annual debating competition, peaceful academic environment, giant stride in academic, infrastructural development and general dimensions. He stated that the University achieved: low poverty, good health, quality education, gender equality and economic development. Ambali in his adress, said the University had only 12 faculties but during his tenure he established three new faculties, making it 15 faculties. Ambali also stated the introduction of computer education, business education, criminology and security science, applied geophysics during his tenure in office, among his achievement. He reported that, before the senate meeting, held a day before this event, some Professors and Associate Professors were approved. He said, the University among other Universities pay the staff their full salary, he said, “When people wondered how we did it, we say it is God.” He enthused that, the University commissioned 69 project, but this year he commissioned an additional 13 projects. He also said, since 2013 till date, the University has been the most subscribed University in Nigeria. He further reported that, in this year’s convocation, the University will be producing 89 first class, 1,932 second class upper, 3,727 second class lower, 1,309 third class, 117 pass, 70 MBBS, 29 nursing, including 4 veterinary medicine graduates. He further stated that, at the post-graduate level, there are: 120 Ph.d, 1,074 masters degree, 130 MBA/MPA,161 diploma. He said, a total number of 9,018 students will be graduating this year. After his address, the Ambali handed over to his designate, Prof. Sulyman Age, whose tenure begins on monday 16th October, 2017. The book presentation started immediately after the Ambali’s address. The book is titled “The Ambali years”, and authored by the Director of Corporate Affairs, Mr. Kunle Akogun. Akogun said, “On assumption of office, Professor Ambali met students loitering around classrooms, on leaving office Professor Ambali gave beautifully designed classrooms and hall spaces where students can rest comfortably before leaving for classes.” The book was then reviewed by Mr. Segun adeniyi. Adeniyi said, “Mr. Akogun has done a great job by providing concise and enjoyable narrative that offer insight to the workings of one of the most sought after offices within the academic community in Nigeria”. Mr. Adeniyi further stated that the author wrote about the education background of the Ambali, from primary school to his attainment of doctoral degree at the University of Liverpool. He said, the author gave the development made by Prof. Ambali in areas of infrastructure and students welfarism. He further stated that, what struck him the most is the fact that before the Ambali’s assumption of office, there were 3,000 students on campus but today there are about 8000 students. Mr. Adeniyi commended the University for its stable academic calender, he said, “If I must put my children in any public University, it must be University of Ilorin.” The press briefing ended with questions from press bodies present. UCJ, UNILORIN ©

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