May 17, 2022


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36th Convocation: “We Have The Minds to win the Nobel prize”- Prof. Abdulkareem Age 

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Muhammed Bello

The University of Ilorin held her press briefing to kick-start the 36th Convocation ceremony on the 18th of October 2021 where the vice-chancellor addressed the pressmen and other principal officers present. 

He stated that if there are minds capable of winning the Nobel Prize, the University of Ilorin has them, as long as there is a challenge and creativity for such minds to achieve greatness. According to him, there is an ongoing project, room temperature rheology, that when completed will be the first in Nigeria, and this is as a result of his desire to always find methods to make life easier.

Professor Age stated that employers are not being fair to students as they expect them to be able to perform well because of the credentials they have, ignoring the fact that each workplace has its own set of standards. As a result, every company should be willing to train their staff to the highest of standards, and the University’s role is only to prepare the mind to adapt to training and function well.

The Vice-Chancellor went on to say that everything can be done using the ongoing room temperature rheology and that the University is in the process of making bullet, bullet proofs, and other equipment necessary to the Nigerian Army to save millions of dollars on importing these items.

Unilorin shall be convoking a total of 10,922 students at the 36th Convocation ceremony

The Vice-chancellor made it known at the press briefing that the university shall be convoking a total of 10,922 students. Out of this figure, 9,338 are first degree/diplomas graduands, while the remaining 1,584 are graduating with higher degrees/postgraduate diplomas. In the First Degree/ Diploma category, there are 180 First Class, 2,836 Second Class Upper Division, 4,879 Second Class Lower Division, 1, 110 Third Class and 14 Pass.

He further revealed that there are also 140 MB;BS graduands, 46 graduands in Nursing, 5 graduands with Distinction and 16 with pass in Optometry, 6 graduands with Distinction and 49 with Pass in Pharmacy while there are 37 graduands in Veterinary Medicine.  A total of 20 graduands are obtaining Diploma from the Institute of Education.

“A student with a third-class degree can be an employer to a first-class degree holder” – Prof. Abdulkareem Age

The Vice-Chancellor emphasized the importance of a positive mindset and hard work in life, telling the press that every step one takes is important. Students were also encouraged to adopt a fantastic mindset and work hard to achieve their goals. The Vice-chancellor declared that only the lazy are dead even with a first-class degree.

The Vice-chancellor went on to say that, while counseling has been beneficial in altering the character of students, the University also frowns on stealing from fellow students and examination malpractices, and will not pardon anyone detected. He also warned students to stay away from drugs.

“I will not regret it until I go to my grave; making peace between two people is the best” – Prof. Abdulkareem Age

The Vice-Chancellor told the press that the University had missed out on key chances as a result of not joining Asuu and that students had been victimized as a result. He went on to say that things have been easier since his administration joined the union and that the union has been fighting for the University’s rights correctly.

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