May 17, 2022


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400 level MBBS class pips 300 level to win ILUMSA cup

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Ashraf Omeiza

After a blistering run to the finals, the 400 level MBBS class of the University of Ilorin, has beaten the 300 level 1 – 0 on Thursday 18th November to win the annual Ilorin Medical Students Association (ILUMSA) football cup. 

Hundreds of students from the two classes, and other departments, thronged the stadium very early in the evening to cheer the teams in what was a hotly anticipated match.

The match did not disappoint as it delivered end-to-end play after the customary kickoff by ILUMSA president, Abiodun Michael.

The early exchanges saw the 300 level class cage the red-hot 400 level team in their half, who were unable to find their rhythm.

The duo of Chimex and Ibrahim dictated the early plays for the 300 level class with composed ball distribution that did little to trouble the 400 level class, who were left scampering when the 300 level class went close in the 8th minute.

Isaiah received a long ball from the midfield and evaded the defence to come one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but he was unable to keep his composure and ended up blazing wide over the bar for a goal kick. 

The 400 level class then launched a counterattack that ended with Musty. He drove in from the left flank but could not get a shot as a defender nicked it away from his feet.

Both teams restricted themselves to few chances even as the 400 level class saw most of the ball through the first half.

The second half started with more urgency as both teams struggled to find a winner. Coach Adama Emmanuel brought in Timi for Bashir for the 400 level midfield, which began to press the 300 level team high up the pitch.

The substitutions and sustained pressure paid off in the 55th minute when Olaoye Abdullateef (Dekkey) picked up a blocked shot in the 300 level box and slotted coolly through the arms of the 300 level keeper into the right corner of the post to spark off a wild celebration.

The 300 level class responded with a determined but short-lived attack into the 400 level half but could not get enough ball to Afor, who came in in the second half.

The 400 level locked up their defence with a mature play from the back four where the left-backs supplied the attack with delightful long balls through the flanks.

One of the long balls found Adamu Steven (Steevo) in the dying minutes, who then squared off to Micheal in the 18-yard box. He let off a first-time shot that missed the top right-hand corner by inches.

The match opened up the match in the dying minutes as the 300 level class attacked more in a desperate bid to equalise and push the game into extra time but the 400 level class maintained their lead and held off for a famous win to clinch the coveted ILUMSA football trophy for the year.

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