May 17, 2022


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Echoes: The Shows of the Quintessence Administration, Faculty of Arts

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Adebola Makinde

Image of the dilapidated toilet in the Faculty


“Over the next few days to come, my colleagues and I, as a cabinet, will begin to render an account of our stewardship to every FASAITES. We owe you a duty of accountability, accessibility, transparency, and stewardship of excellence”, President Damilare, Jamiu Kayinsola often referred to as Jaykay spoke in his address after he was being elected on the 7th of June as the first-ever President from the Department of Arabic as the 30th executive president of the Faculty.

Since the commencement of the 2020/2021 administration of the Faculty of Arts, the programs and projects of the faculty are evaluated especially to bring to notice their effectiveness to Fasaites at large.

A survey was sent around different departments in the faculty and the responses were nearly commendable only if the attitude of some of the executives would not make it seem like they have an alternate background agenda. The survey was frowned at by the Welfare secretary and subsequent probes followed from other related or unrelated executives. Should this confirm the doubt? – The constitution even when based on appeal would not be let out to a student from the Faculty!

In the survey filled by 23 students from various departments in the faculty, 30.4 percentage rated the Faculty current administration excellent; meanwhile, 0.4 underscored the administration. 

Image showing the evaluation of the 2020/21 FASA administration

As the President, Jaykay put it; he said there had been three (3) programs so far. When asked about the programs that have impacted the students, the FASA Orientation and Oratory Contest made the higher percentage. 

Image showing the impact of Faculty programs


In a bid to guarantee a better administration, the students answered to various projects (existing and new) they would like the faculty to embark on. 

Image showing different proposed projects for the Faculty

Among different proposed projects by the Fasaites, everyone listed was unique as though the echoes of their voices were deemed to make a change.

Locked Toilet Facility

Image of new faculty toilet commissioned by GCFR, President Mohammadu Buhari

As for Temitope and Aminat, they testified to the faculty toilet being locked most times if not every time for certain people. Favour, though said she never used the faculty facility. She would certainly be diseased if she used the toilet. “I don’t use public toilets because I’m naturally prone to infection”, she said.  They all stated they sometimes hold on to their faeces until they get to their respective hostels, one of whom stays off-campus. That seems like it all but there is more to worry about.

Assumptions have been made to conclude that there are careless users of the toilet – a public facility! And to this effect, the toilet is always locked. Aminat, quick to respond, made rhetoric by asking a question as though she needed a response but she however did not. This presents utter frustration and hope. “The toilet is always locked. What is the use of the toilet when it is being locked? They should make water available so that people won’t mess the toilet”, she stated.

Temitope had a lot to say. She went on even further to call the lackadaisical client of the toilet “Faculty of Arts children” in her humorous way as she had no other way to describe the division of the ‘other users’ – the careless ones.

“When I didn’t know the reason for locking the toilet, I used to be really angry. I mean, why do we have a toilet if not for emergencies? And then later on, when I got to know the reason, I was unhappy. I can’t do much about it because some people won’t listen and would just continue to spoil things”. Temitope added that the fault is in the hands of no one after explaining that a member of the Faculty executives had told her of the damages made by students. “Sometimes, I get the key to the toilet from an executive, and sometimes, I use the bush,”  she said. 


Oratory contest

As part of the petition by Fasaites, the Oratory contest is another significant existing project the faculty embarks upon.  Fungos Abigail, a 200 level student of the Department of History and International Studies was a participant in the 2019/2020 FASA Oratory contest. She won the contest as the first runner-up. 

President Jaykay with Abisola, overall winner of 2020/2021 FASA Oratory Contest

Akinyemi  Abisola had been a debater before winning the 2020/2021 FASA Oratory Contest. This goes the same way for Fungos Abigail who had been a public speaker since her primary education. It not only availed them the opportunity of meeting fellow elites, but it also built their confidence.

“I remember when I was in Primary 5 – since I was the best speaker that represents my school during inter-school debates, I was given the privilege to give a vote of thanks when my school was rehabilitated,” Abigail said.  As for her, the contest made people close to her and she achieved fame. “Well, it has made some people closer to me and made me have fame to an extent”, she added.

Abisola mentioned enthusiastically that the contest opened her to more opportunities and would to participate in it again.

When asked to rate his administration by personal assessment, President Jaykay made a long statement of gratitude, nonetheless, he mentioned that that time constraint is a matter of concern. 

“It’s been quite an interesting journey so far with my dynamic cabinets, team, and varieties of committees we’ve created. Maybe not above people’s expectation of us but I suppose we’ve been extraordinarily impressive so far”, he stated. 

He mentioned that the administration has successfully embarked on only three (3) consecutive programs also adding that the duration for the first semester was not encouraging hence, some programs were undone. 

“This administrative time frame gave us no breathing space to feel gratified or overwhelmed in any sense…”

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