May 17, 2022


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Call for Submissions| Recovery | UCJ Unilorin Magazine 2022

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The process of “evolving” is that, as humans, we grow for a purpose and a balance. And for growth to occur, one must have recovered oneself. Scientists have given research on growth and how humans evolve like the day and night. Literature has found the world of arts through the set up and mind of the brain — connecting a line. A recovery like how Christopher Columbus discovered America or like as we were told, Mungo Park discovered River Niger. Recent times have made recovery in health and have also found voidness in its new environment.  In a point, don’t all journalistic and literary production point out a view — a view for the occurrence of growth. A journalist recovers a problem and then solves it, if not totally.  An artist looks through the window and snaps, “oh it’s a new day, a new day births new findings.”

For the 2022 UCJ, Unilorin Magazine publication,  we are accepting submissions for the theme — Recovery. 

We are seeking journalistic and literary works that describe the theme, recovery.  What have you noticed or realised recently? Isn’t it a phenomenon that our minds, in our worlds, maintain the urge for growth? We want stories that will compel us from the viewpoints that inform.


  • Submissions should be sent in MS word and a short bio should be provided as well.

  • Essays, articles, short stories (fiction and nonfiction) should be from 500 words.

  • Poetry should not be more than 30 lines

  • All works should be submitted to

  • The subject line of the email should read, “submission for the UCJ, Unilorin Magazine: Recovery.”

You can as well translate the theme to how well you find it fit, but note that only selected works will be contacted as there will be an extensive editing process.

P.S: submission is not limited to the University of Ilorin students only.


We are excited to receive and read your works.

Asante Sana!

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