May 24, 2022


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It was a cold, dark evening when I stepped out of my hostel, clutching tightly onto my tote bag with a thousand ideas running through my head. Earlier that week, I contemplated what my next article was going to be about; I knew I wanted to do an interview piece but was inconclusive on who to feature. Right in front of me as I walked was a tall, dark, handsome guy who I recognized to be one of Unilorin’s top models and is known for having an impeccable style. It was like a sign from God telling me he was the one. So, I walked up to him, pitched the idea of an interview which he immediately liked and approved.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I found myself sitting in his room, asking him a lot of questions, and occasionally glancing at his clothes which, if I may say, are AMAZING. We kept on talking, and inside I was so glad I chose him to be the first person to feature in this new fashion interview series. With his wonderful personality and occasionally witty remarks, I felt comfortable and couldn’t wait to publish this article.

Wondering who this guy is? He is a fashion model, an extraordinary stylist, a lover of sneakers, a real estate realtor, and probably the only person I’ve met that doesn’t watch movies. Some people may know him by his real name, Ademide, but a lot of people easily identify him by his unique name, Ovaries on Facetime.

In this first article under a new fashion interview series, Fashion Focus, I got to sit down with Ovaries on Facetime and ask him 31 fun and interesting questions.

If given the opportunity to change your name, what would it be?

Ovaries on facetime.

Year you started modeling


Your first modeling gig

Mr Unilorin 2018.

Challenges experience being a model

Combining school work and a modeling career.

Favorite song(s)

For you by Dash OMD and Foreign made by Emaxee.


Favorite Artist


Favorite food 

Amala and gbegiri with ewedu.

Favorite Model

Naomi Campbell.

Style Icon

Asap Rocky.

Best Place to hangout in Ilorin

The Sydneys.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

The ability to disappear anywhere at anytime.

Favorite Day of the week


Tea or coffee.


Favorite designer(s)

Ninetys brand, Baz ng and Nike.

How do you spend your free day(s)

Eat, sleep, and explore crazy options with my clothes; Play dress up.

Describe your dream house

A small apartment with a television set, air conditioner and a table for work related activities.

What is the one thing you can’t leave your house without?

My phone.

Favorite travel destination

My house in Abuja.

What body part do you consider to be least important?

Probably my feet.

Single, in a relationship or complicated


If you weren’t a model, stylist and real estate realtor, what would you be?

Creative/Fashion designer.

Best thing you own

A pair of white and blue Jordan sneakers.


Worst Fashion mistake

Everything I wore in 100 level.

As a stylist, what is the one thing you think every guy should have?


Secret talent/skill

I can fall asleep within five minutes.

Best outfit you have worn

A two piece from Baz ng.

What other things are you good at?

Creative design and Social media management.

Describe yourself in one word


Where do you see yourself in the next five hours?


Best fashion advice you would give to anyone

Do what you want to do. Wear what you want to wear, even if people are trying to influence your decision against wearing it.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article like I did writing it. Before striking the last letter on my keyboard, I just want to inform you on the benefit of sharing, so ensure you share the link to this article with everyone you know. Thank you.  

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