May 19, 2022


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7th Sense Engages SU Officials, CEC Absent

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On Monday 14th of January, 7th Sense, a student organization popularly known for its Presidential debate during SU general elections, organized a program tagged Behind The Veil. The concept was to engage Students’ Union officials and the electorates who voted them. According to 7th Sense, the program was aimed at providing an avenue for students to engage Student leaders in office regarding issues of students’ interest.

To the amazement of the audience and organizers, no member of the Central Executive Council was in attendance.

Addressing the congregation, Hawau Jogbojogbo, the Secretary of the Concept declared that “members of the CEC are absent due to reasons known to them”

In attendance were members of the Senate council, Chief Justice and Chairman, Unilorin Independent Students’ Anti-corrupt Practises Commission (UISAPC)

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