June 25, 2022


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Questions for a man of integrity.

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By Abimbola Aderinola Dorcas.

In Nigeria, upcoming elections has more priority than education.

As we prepare and await the upcoming elections in 2023 there are so many questions bothering Nigerians as to why our leaders have turned all attention to buying forms and the elections rather than leading a country. There have been so many cases questioning the actions of our leaders in these past few months amongst which is the state minister of Education, Mr. Emeka Nwajiuba contesting for the 2023 elections and buying a form worth #100 million amidst the ongoing ASUU strike which has been stretched for months.

Nigerians has been asking ever since, how do we trust such a man who couldn’t show his efficiency and service in a small post but lobbies for a much bigger one. How do we trust someone who neglects the post given to him to pursue other dreams at the expense of others.

How do we trust a man who as State Minister of Education paid so little attention to education. How do we trust him to priorities education at the presidential level. How do we trust a man who couldn’t grant ASUU’s request but could afford to buy a 100 million naira form?

How do we trust Minister Emeka Nwajiuba?

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