May 24, 2022


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91 die of snakebites in three weeks in Gombe, Plateau

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Ninety-one victims of snakebite have died in the last three weeks in Plateau and Gombe states, following an acute scarcity of snake anti-venom drugs in the country.
The figure represents the number of confirmed deaths from three snake treatment centres — General Hospital, Kaltungo, Ali Mega Pharmacy, Gombe and Comprehensive Medical Centre, Zamko, Plateau State.
A correspondent of the_ News Agency of Nige_ria, who visited the three medical outfits, met other victims in critical situations, with some of them left on bare floors as the doctors said they were helpless without the anti-venom.
_NAN_ reports that the snake anti-venom drugs — Echitab Plus ICP polyvalent and Echitab G monovalent — had not been supplied to the country since August, throwing the treatment centres into crisis after the last vials were used up in the first week of October.
Medics, who spoke with _NAN_ at the three treatment centres, said that the cases of snakebites were usually very common during the harvest season.


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