August 10, 2022


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Trump Tweet: A bit of this, a bit of that

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President Trump’s week didn’t begin in his usual fashion targeting fake news and his ex-opponent, but rather with him returning to work after a good break at Camp David. He sounds more relaxed, cheerful and hopeful for the new year.
🐦 As a candidate, I promised we would pass a massive TAX CUT for the everyday working American families who are the backbone and the heartbeat of our country. Now, we are just days away.
🐦 Wonderful weekend at Camp David. A very special place. A lot of very important work done. Heading back to the WhiteHouse now.
President Trump called Camp David a “very special place” after spending his first weekend at the presidential retreat. The president was joined at Camp David by first lady Melania Trump, son Barron and Melania Trump’s parents.
🐦 More than a century after conquering flight, the WrightBrothers continue to motivate & inspire Americans, who never tire of exploration & innovation. This GREAT AMERICAN SPIRIT can be found in the design of every new supersonic jet and next generation.
Trump celebrated the brothers who built the world’s first successful airplane on Wright Brothers Day.
@ Remember, Republicans are 5-0 in Congressional Races this year. The media refuses to mention this. I said Gillespie and Moore would lose (for very different reasons), and they did. I also predicted “I” would win. Republicans will do well in 2018, very well! foxandfriends
The tweet came after Roy Moore and Ed Gillespie, two Republican candidates Mr Trump endorsed, were defeated in Alabama and Virginia respectively. Moore recently refused to concede the senate election despite Mr Trump calling on him to admit defeat.
The election saw Alabama elect its first Democratic senator since 1992.
🐦 Ivanka Trump will be interviewed on foxandfriends.

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