May 19, 2022


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Thank you for your generosity, the administration Investing in People, we acknowledge you for providing luxurious buses for the event to and fro today. A number of participants were conveyed to Tanke in those buses. It should be added that it wasn’t free. But we, the good student of the university, understand that you’ve provided school shuttles for us, as usual.

We enjoyed the picnic. The program opened with a picnic and Talent Hunt session – of the Student Union Leadership Summit, 2019 – which graced the feet of unilorites who could dance. We enjoyed the comedy from MC Timi Gold. It is not an easy task to engage a group of students who had nothing to do on a Saturday for over 4 hours after the scheduled time for the program. We should appreciate you for pulling a massive publicity for students to witness an award giving session and the book launch of a children story book which could well be regarded as a Student Union’s journal for the 2018/2019 session. The journal was so voluminous that you had to chop it to the little paged book you presented to us. We appreciate the journal which Call for Submission was released few weeks to its deadline. It was of course expected that a lot of creative unilorite would contribute to it.

We appreciate that you successfully invited us to witness the award giving ceremony for our guests. In fact, we are grateful to see great dignitaries who could come very late to an event they directly or indirectly scheduled. At least, our guests should have assent to the date and time slated and of course, we trust that you had ensured the odds would be favorable.

We are not pissed. Your apology was well rendered. Who could have thought you would apologize as great as you are. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t our guests’ too. Which institution would want such dignitaries and would not have to wait? In fact, our guests deserves to be waited upon for a whole day. If they do not live, who are we? We breathe because they breathe and that is how it ought to be. We appreciate them for coming really really behind schedule, it is what big men do. They are very busy people guiding the affairs of the country.

In fact, we appreciate our dignitaries who were also invited to speak, they are the professors, doctors and influential peoples who were eventually given under 10 minutes to speak. That was a very wonderful plan. You’ve invited them from Abuja and other big states in Nigeria to speak for just 7 to 10 minutes because our guests do not like lengthy speeches. In fact, you knew that they would bore us if you had given them the opportunity to speak to us while we waited for our guests. You rather entertained us with songs and dances and I hope you knew what our screams meant. We were exhilarated!

We also appreciate you for awarding all. And for giving the honoree a little time to speak. After all, he was in a hurry to leave after he had comfortably kept us anticipating for his adorable and magnificent presence.

Finally the Student Union, we appreciate your efforts so far. You have really invested in a lot of students (of which I’m a beneficiary) and we are glad that your last service to us today, 3rd of August, 2019, was wonderfully carried out. We appreciate that you could not give us our Item 7 until we needed to disperse. And we were not really hungry, especially after waiting for our dignified guests for over 4 hours. We ended the program at around 4:30 pm and you understood that we would not be hungry since we have benefited a lot from it. We appreciate you for creating all the side attractions. We hope that the next administration will continue this good work. Where shall we receive our certificates and souvenirs as promised?

Well, I must add that we understand that there was no session meant to share scholarship opportunities and cash prices to us (especially after the money awarded to dancers). We understand that there was no time for it. We understand.

Akinwale Peace Akindayo, best known as, Philip Peace.

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