May 26, 2022


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Adedimeji Urges Students to be Mentally Alert, Self Developed

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Ibrahim Salman

The staff adviser to the Union of Campus Journalists and a don at Faculty of Arts, University of Ilorin Professor Mahfouz Adedimeji has called on student populace to convert their education to a sustenable productivity.

Mahfouz made this call on Tuesday during the grand finale of Faculty of Arts Students Association’s (FASA) oratory contest which was organized in his honour at the Art Lecture Hall.

Mahfouz who was also a Fasaite, in 1997/98 session recounted the number of time such programme has been held at the faculty and was impressed that the present administration led by Comrade Fatai Folorunsho Adisa popular known as ThatUnilorinBoy came up with and educative programme of such. 

The grand finale which had six contestants in participation was tagged: Education the panacea to global pandemonium, and was won by Igbinosa John Toluwani, a 300 level student of history and international relations.

According to Mahfouz, education is often confused with literacy and said “If we look at the educated people in the world, we (Nigerians) are among the most educated people in the world. In the city of Chicago alone we have more than ten thousand doctors that are Nigerians”

“Why then is there a gap between education and development. It is just because of the fact that to many people that claim they are educated are actually literate and education goes beyond literacy”

He added that Plato considered the main purpose of education to be the development of common good, not for selfish interest. 

For Plato, according to him, education has to do with the reformation of the soul, “It is not just to pour knowledge in somebody’s soul but to create an enabling environment for light to blow on the person’s soul to the world”

“That light is what is missing in the world today, and that’s why we have all the crisis that pervades the world”

He concluded that “Your education, at the end of the day, will be a reflection of who you are and not necessarily what you possess”

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