June 25, 2022


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Afghan commandos rescue 15, from Taliban prison

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Fifteen people were freed from a Taliban prison in the southern Afghanistan province of Helmand on Sunday, the international coalition said in a statement.
Gunmen stormed a television station in Kabul earlier this month, killing a guard and injuring five others in a siege that left the attackers dead.
These reinforcements will join approximately 3,000 additional US troops who were ordered to Afghanistan as part of President Trump’s new strategy for Afghanistan and the wider region.
Help from allies would free US troops to advise Afghan soldiers at the brigade and battalion levels by providing support and calling in airstrikes to assist Afghan forces on the front line.
Earlier this month, the commander of the NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan said the administration is enlisting the international community to help encourage Pakistan to crack down on the Afghan Taliban via a series of incentives and disincentives.

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