May 17, 2022


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Africa Students For Liberty sets to hold a day speaking Event in Unilorin

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In a bid to open students populace to the libertarian ideas and up their advocacy for liberty, a one day Speaking event tagged: Governance and Librepreneurship has been organized by a Not for Profit Organization, Africa Students for Liberty on 26th of January. Through a report made available to UCJ, one of the planner, Bello Ahmad Olalekan (aka Dyno) assured participants of a memorable event and enjoined students to come out en masse to gaze the occasion.

African Students For Liberty, the Organization’s website states “sprang out from the efforts of young Africans to stand up against the negative heritage of tyranny and totalitarianism that has plagued the continent for so long. These young individuals are dedicated to spreading the ideas of human dignity, individual and economic freedom and the ability to pursue one’s happiness without coercion. African Students For Liberty therefore provides a platform for African students to generate and share ideas that will lead to a prosperous and liberated Africa”

To add color to the event, the organization has also lined up series of freebies to be given to participants.

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