May 17, 2022


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Amidst claims of electoral malpractice, new FOSSSA CEC members emerged

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By: Soaga Olayide Oluwafunmilayo

On Thursday, 22nd of April, 2021 at exactly 10:00am Students of the Faculty of Social Science converged at the Social Sciences lecture theatre to exercise their franchise in to elect new Central Executive Council members for the 2021/22 academic session after the tenure of the present administration elapses.

The Faculty Independent Electoral Commission of Social Sciences that conducted the elections is under the leadership of its chairman, Kareem Ahmed. The elections came to a halt by 3:00pm.

However, an electoral malpractice was discovered when a student of Sociology was caught ticking three ballot papers. The offender was penalised according to the laws guiding the electoral process.

After voting had come to an end, the electoral officials declared Trailblazer as President-elect of the Faculty with 1047 votes against his opponent Columbus who lost with 487 votes.

The post of Welfare Director of the Faculty went to Arise who had a total of 961 votes while Oladipo, his opponent had 585 votes.

Geobilz emerged as Social Director with 956 votes against DM who lost with 597 votes.

The posts of Vice President, General Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Financial Secretary and Sport Director all had one person each vied for those positions. IBK won as an unopposed Vice President Elect.

Tychicus also won as an unoposed aspirant of the post of General Secretary. (Caveat: this claim cannot be substantiated at the moment; apologies for initial inclusion. We shall do well to state the accurate position  after our investigation).

Sambo Bashir and Lawal Micheal won as unopposed aspirants of Public Relations Officer and Financial Secretary respectively. The office of the Sport Director elect was filled in by Coach who ran unopposed.

The Students of Faculty of Social Sciences anticipate the inauguration of the newly elected candidates and hope this new set of Executives would rule in their favor by making the promises made in their manifestos a reality.

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