May 26, 2022


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Amidst rumours, Kalejaiye Musa emerges Attorney General of the Students Union

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Popoola Rahmah

In the midst of controversies, allegations and rumours, the Senate Council of the Students’ Union has confirmed the appointment of Mr. Kalejaiye Musa Olamilekan as the Attorney General of the Students Union, University of Ilorin.

Mr. Kalejaiye Musa is the President of The Tax Club on campus, a Senior Advocate of the Union and a Senior Activist of the Human Rights Chambers as at the time of his appointment for the post.

However, before his appointment, a petition was brought before the Senate Council by one Senator Double Dee challenging the nomination of Mr. Kalejaiye for the post. However, same was withdrawn because the composition does not incline with constitutional provisions. This was stated explicitly on the official Twitter handle of the Senate Council via here

Also, Mr. Kalejaiye Musa had also been dragged to court by one Mr. Bello Bilal Sola of the Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin in a purported and illegal conferment of Mr. Kalejaiye with the rank of Senior Advocate. However, Mr. Kalejaiye challenged the legal standing before the Students Union Court to institute the matter. This is also contained exclusively on twitter.

Rumours had also questioned the eligibility of Mr. Kalejaiye to be nominated for the post as it has been from credible quarters the Mr. Kalejaiye has not paid his practicing fees as a member of the Students Union Bar and a practicing student legal practitioner on campus, thereby making him liable under the provisions of Section 3, Sub-section 2, Paragraph III of the Students’ Union Bar Association Constitution.

On the appointment of Mr Kalejaiye Musa as the Attorney General, the ruling of the court regarding the pleminary objection of Mr. Kalejaiye Musa on the legal standing of Mr. Bello is still expected to further lay the allegations and tensions to rest.

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