May 19, 2022


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An Open Letter to SU President-elect

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By Adepoju Oluwatimilehin Samuel 

In every tertiary institution, there is always a Student Union Government. One of the major goals of the SUG is to protect the interest of the students and also serve as the students’ representatives when needed.

The SUG is charged with the duty of welfarism of all students in the institution they belong to. No one stays in government forever and this makes it a necessity to always vote for a representative periodically.

The University of Ilorin had recently elected officials for all posts of the Student Union and the students were allowed to vote for the people they believe can represent them well. Although we are still in the era of President Passion and by the end of his tenure we will start the administration to be led by the President-elect, fondly called Omoluabi.

Dear President-elect, congratulations on your emergence as the new president-elect of the University of Ilorin Students’ Union. You won the election based on the majority vote you had. This vote came from the students’ populace who believes in your mission and vision. Accolades to you and everyone who contended with you, despite the fact that you all know the post of the president is a selfless and time taking services, you all wanted to serve the interest of the students.

I am writing this letter to you to remind you of one of the major problems facing the students. For more than 4 years now, students have been combating the issue of transportation. Not like all the past administration did not want to stop this issue, they all did their very best but then, the problem is still yet to be solved.

There are several times students dress elegantly to go for classes most especially on Monday mornings, you see Unilorites smartly dressed for the day schooling activities. On getting to the park, they will have to struggle for the bus because of the zeal they have for studies, they don’t give up until they can get inside the bus going to school. While struggling for bus, most of this elegantly dressed students turns to a clumsily dressed person.

At times, due to the struggle for bus, students tend to lose their valuable properties. Many students have been in class since 8:00 am after the morning struggle for bus, on getting to the park after the day’s lecture around 6 pm, it is so disappointing that students will still have to queue for bus that may not reach his turn even after an hour of getting to the park. You can imagine how weak and tired the student will be and that’s not an acceptable excuse to any lecturer if you failed to get to the lecture hall before him or her, or you failed to do your assignment.

Mr President-elect sir, do you even know that the shuttle bus association on campus do declare strike without prior notice of such actions will be taking place. Students will be left stranded hoping to find any possible means to get home after the long stressful day.

All these and many more are issues students face on transportation. You are going to be in charge of the Student union administration soon. Kindly read my letter and hopefully start working on how to provide solutions to this issue we are facing. Let not the electorates regret voting you to be our next leader.

I wish you and your cabinet members success as you all embark on the agenda called “people focused”.

Best regards.

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