June 25, 2022


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Analyzer speaks, says SU Program rescheduled not canceled.

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The PRO of the SU, Analyzer has cleared the air on reports suggesting that the anticipated SU programme tagged ‘The Convergence’ has been canceled. He asserted that the programme had only been rescheduled following the withdrawal of its budget from the Senate council and not canceled as suggested by earlier reports.
A budget had been submitted earlier for the execution of the programme as the programme was supposed to be an amalgam of the annual Press briefing of the Union and the program tagged ‘The Convergence’. Explaining, he said: “The budget had been submitted for the programme but we were advised by advisory bodies of the SU not to hold the Press briefing and the programme tagged ‘The Convergence’ on the same day, that was why the budget was withdrawn’.
He enthused further, noting that “There was some rancor on the floor of the senate following the withdrawal of the budget but the public should be rest assured that the programme was not canceled, I was there”.
The two programmes were previously slated to hold on the same day but following the withdrawal of the budget, the PRO noted that the dates are been worked on,while the press briefing will be held November ‘The Convergence’ will be held come December.

Abdul-Hakeem Ogundipe

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