May 19, 2022


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Animashaun becomes a year older; 10 things you probably did not know about him

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The 32nd Unilorin Students’ Union President, Comrade Animashaun Oluseyi Emmanuel adds another year to his age today, 27th of January. Aside being a medical student and SU President, Mr President, in an interview with the UCJ, disclosed 10 things you probably didn’t know about him.

UCJ: Can we meet you, Sir?

Animashaun: I am Animashaun Emmanuel Oluseyi Ifedapo. A medical student and 32nd Students’ Union President of University of Ilorin.

UCJ: When were you born, Mr President?

Animashaun: I was given birth to on the 27th day of January, less than three decades ago.

UCJ: Where were you born?

ANIMASHAUN: I was born in Ilesa, Osun State.

UCJ: What is your relationship status?

ANIMASHAUN: Well, I am in a relationship with a young and highly ambitious lady. Her name is Olatunbosun Olayinka, a Unilorin graduate of Physiology and aspiring medical doctor. Currently serving (NYSC) with Ogun State Ministry of Health. She’s a born again Christian and in fact, my prayer partner.

UCJ: How good are you at cooking and what is your favorite dish?

ANIMASHAUN: I am actually very good at cooking. I learnt directly from my mother who herself is a professional cook (she studied Hospitality Management). As a matter of fact, cooking is a hobby that I have missed doing because of the enormous workload of being president. Just few days ago, I cooked for the first time in about 3 months and I felt really good. My favourite meal is Ikokore, a native meal of the Ijebu people in Ogun state.

UCJ: As the SU President, how are you managing pressure from the opposite gender?

ANIMASHAUN: I really don’t get what you are pointing to by pressure from the opposite gender, but if it’s what I think, there is no such pressure. I relate well with everyone, strictly on official and administrative terms, and I have enjoyed it thus far.

UCJ: If elected as Nigerian President, what 3 things would you do?

ANIMASHAUN: If elected Nigerian president, my actions will still be guided by the principle on which we have built the current SU administration – Investing In People. What Nigeria needs is a government that understands that ultimate development can only be premised on activities that invest in the intellectual capacity of people and builds the potentials of people for a greater future. In this vein, If I were Nigerian president, I would focus strongly on stronger education policies, better health care plans and a serious fight against insecurities.

UCJ: One thing you don’t like about the current SU structure?

ANIMASHAUN: The current SU structure is a really nice one and I enjoy it. I however do not like the fact that the SU hasn’t done so well in terms of documentation. Since I came on board, it has been a great challenge. I am a firm believer in the fact that history is important in making progress. The SU history is highly undocumented so much that we cannot even boast of an archive. However, the current administration especially through the Secretariat is working to make a change. People coming after us will be able to meet real documents, reports and evidences that can guide them appropriately.

UCJ: Are you crushing on anyone? If yes, who?

ANIMASHAUN: Crush? Definitely Olatunbosun Olayinka, anyday anytime.

UCJ: If you were to have a super power, what would it be?

ANIMASHAUN: It would be to make a day more than 24hours. The 24hours is just never enough.

UCJ: Mr President, what is your advice to Unilorites?

ANIMASHAUN: I want to implore all unilorin students to always be law abiding, get well acquainted with the rules and regulations of the University and follow them as appropriate. We have an environment good enough to succeed and be exceptional. Let us put it into good use.

UCJ: Thank you Mr President. We wish you a long and prosperous life.

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