June 25, 2022


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Animashun sent out of Senate Council sitting for ‘hissing’

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In what that may be likened to an inginition of a cold war between the executive arm of the University of Ilorin students’ Union’s and the legislative arm, The Senate council president on Saturday 24th of November, directed vacation of the Union President out of the Senate council meeting for allegedly hissing while proceedings were on going.

The Union President had joined the sitting for his speech presentation on his administration’s stewardship since its inception. The speech which was tagged “State of the Union”, amongst other executive arm’s induced presentations surfaced in the agenda of the Senate’s second ordinary sitting for the day.

The unexpected however happened at around 10pm of the day in the cause of the sitting which had begun at about 10 in the morning; the issue surfaced when the programme got to the point of constituting Senate council committees for the respective ad-hoc assignments. At this point, a high pitched sound which could be taken for a hiss emanated from the section where the Union president and his entourage were sitting. This action, in line with standing rule that prohibits such action at the floor of the Senate council, got the Senate council president, Senator Jesunifemi Akano to, not minding the calibre of the occupants of that section of sitting, subtly but in a manner that devoided respect for the office of the Union president, asked all the occupants of that section including the Mr President out of the planery.

Efforts by the president to pacify the Senate president proved abortive as attempts to defend the occupants of the section from possible misconception by the Senate president whom the president believed could have really mistaken the hissing from chairs for that of human’s. The Senate president in a resolute manner unbugged with the president point of view and doggedly insisted that inasmuch as the section of the sitting could not produce who actually ‘hissed’, his legal expression was applicable and bounded on all the occupants of the seats, Mr President inclusively.

It was at this point that the Union president, alongside other members of the executive — the Students’ Union Assistant Secretary, Bank; the Union’s Financial Secretary, Accountant Cole, The president himself and the remenants of the judicial council members disgruntledly vacated the planery sitting.

The issue which can be said to be unconventional has however been attracting series of polemics amongst the Students populace — those were in the know of what actually transpired and those ordinary feel infuriated at such action by the Senate president.

Efforts by UCJ Unilorin to gather the views of the both sides is still on going; and the findings shall be made public as soon as it is done.

Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu reports

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