May 17, 2022


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BY OLATUNJI Toluwalope Rhoda

She woke up with a sudden start. It’s drizzling softly over the roof, she sighed when she saw it’s just 2am in the morning on her bedside clock, and got out of bed, she isn’t going to be able to sleep back, not soon anyway, that she was sure of.

Emily went to the bar, poured herself some whisky and went back to her project, “if she can’t at least sleep, she ought to put her time to good use”, she thought. She’s staring at her 30 pages project work on how to effectively apply the use of the greenhouse effect for the growth of rare crops that she has to pitch to her boss and some investors at 9am that morning. She’s gone through the work a 100 times but she keeps feeling it isn’t good enough, with all the time, research, sleepless nights like today she’s put into the work for the past 1month, what if she still lets her boss down, she signs more loudly this time.

Her boss, a woman of high standards, strictly devoted to bringing out the best in her employees, the first woman to run Global Food Industries for 10 years, brought the company to the position of the first 5 when it comes to large-scale farming. It would be a disgrace for Emily if she isn’t able to impress the investors.

With the pressure mounting over her head like a released grenade waiting to explode, Emily goes back to reviewing her slides…
She’s working fast on the walkway, like every other person trying to make their way in L.A on a Monday morning. It was unfortunate when her car refuses to start for no reason that morning, she can’t blame the car though, she’s been running it for the past 6months with no check up, she hadn’t the time, and now it has picked the perfect day to retaliate. She decided to get a cup of coffee while she waits for the train, suddenly a man running for whatever reasons collided with her where she stood, and spilled the cup’s contents all over her blouse, with no time to go back home and change, she decides to clean it off as carefully as she could, but it still spotted stains since she wore a light blue shirt.

By the time she gets to the office, she’s 10 mins late, she rushed in to the conference room to make her presentation, she opens her computer, connects it to the projector, searches for the file housing her project, but couldn’t find it, at this point she’s in disarray.

She decides to start her presentation without it but can’t seem to make coherent sentences, she’s shaking forcefully from head to toe, it’s like she’s gonna explode, it’s with the look of contempt on her boss’ face that she wakes up with a start for the second time that morning. She checks her phone for the time and realize it was just 5am, she’s been having a bad dream for 2hours.

“This is going to be a long day”, she thought as she goes back to her project for the 101th time.


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