May 25, 2022


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ASTUTE AND ADMIRALE ALEX: FASA President sends birthday wishes

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Dr. Alex Akanmu otherwise known as Alex Power is the Sub-dean Student Affairs, Unilorin. He is the soldier ant that falls errant elephant where tigers choose to flee. His impressive capabilities and heroic exploits are some of the icing on his captivating and compelling credentials. Dr Alex is the lion that resides in the Student Affairs Unit of Unilorin. Whenever he roars, the whole of the University of Ilorin students community sensibly and sanely tremble.

His diminutive size is a testament to the assertion that people with diminutive sizes are bravery personified: Another case in point is that of Jeanie Rousseau, a diminutive spy and an extraordinary tale of courage. Her courageous act gifted the Nazi-Germans an edge above the French during the second world war.
She was small, too small to be a danger to anyone and she was attractive, a good-time girl, maybe even a little flighty.

Dr Alex’s has a high level of intelligence, bravery and penchant for challenging injustice in human societies, no matter how powerful or influential the perpetrators of the injustice are. He is a combination of sartorial simplicity, collegial amiability and intellectual sophistry- the silencer of verbal sansculoteans and the loud-mouthed sloganeers.

Dr Alex’s classes command maximum attendance with late-comers craning their necks from openings in the windows. The scholastic depth which issued forth from his delivery as evidence of consistent and rigorous research and the up-to-date vistas in contemporary discourse, make every of his classes a memorable experience/ students’ delight.

Add to these, his profound sense of humour, his genial laughter, his captivating verbal expressions couched in the dictum of radical oratory and of course his bouncy gait, and frequent gesticulations when he stands before the classroom to teach or students to address, and you have the quintessential Alex!

Dr Alex: the father of the boys is effective without being oppressive; he is firm without being fistic; he is soft yet with steely courage.

On this momentous day of yours, I can’t but celebrate you as you have achieved greatness by sheer drive, dint of hardwork, perseverance, humility and resourcefulness. You deserve many happy returns. Using your popular lingo, Sir; I will say, NO TENSION

Merry birthday, Boss!

FOLORUNSO, Fatai Adisa.
President, FASA.

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