May 19, 2022


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Auditorium fills to brim as Prof. Adeoye, Prof. Oba deliver inaugural lectures

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“Even the auditorium has never filled up to this brim” was the comment by the university of Ilorin Vice Chancellor Professor Abdul-Kareem Age as he read the citations of Professor Adeoye Abiodun AbdulRasheed, and his Law counterpart, Professor AbdulMuhmin Adebayo Oba during the duo’s 186th and 189th lectures in the series of inaugural lectures, respectively.

While Adeoye on the 7th of January, eclipsed the enthusiastic audience with his series of dramatic interludes with which he drove home the contents of his lecture titled on the topic “Poetics of Legislation and Delegislation on Play Directing”; the legal beagle Oba, on the 16th of January, mounted the university’s main auditorium pulpit to deliver his rich research paper titled “Live and Let Live: Rethinking the Legal Responses to Religious, Cultural and Legal Pluralisms”.

In the course of the Lecture, Adeoye, who just ascended to the apogee of academic profession intimated the gathering, and the guests alike his breakthroughs in series of academic research that gave birth to a new theatre theory he termed: The Neo-Alienation Style and Theater.

“I have de-legislated upon the sentiments and the misleading criticisms against the directors by the playwrights and others in the hypocritical school…my first major spine of poetics and the de-legislation on play directing is my new theatre that I created, which is known NEO-ALIENATION Style and Theater., he said.

In his own delivery, Professor Oba highlighted areas of disparities amongst the composites of Nigeria nation state. He said Nigeria is “bound in conflict of live and let live”, that global pluralism has influenced the country significantly in the many legacies of colonialism.

Oba further explained that legal pluralism has its backbone in sources of Nigeria law, common law, customary law and Islamic law.

His paper further Juxtaposed these sources of Nigeria’s Laws and scrutinized the implications of the colonial legacies.

He said Live and Let Live in Nigeria should mean respecting sacred what other regards as sacred. His Lecture also bothered on ethnic pluralism.

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