August 15, 2022


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Australia Senate President ‘may be UK citizen’

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Australia’s Senate president has revealed he could be a dual citizen, meaning he may join five others in becoming ineligible for office.
Stephen Parry, who is part of the government, may have inherited UK citizenship through his father. Politicians with dual citizenship cannot be elected in Australia.
Mr Parry has said in a statement that he will resign from his position if his citizenship is confirmed by the British Home Office.
On Friday, a court ruled that five politicians – including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce – were wrongly elected because of the constitutional rule.
“In the event that I am found to hold British citizenship… I believe the High Court has made it abundantly clear what action is required,” Mr Parry said on Tuesday.
If forced to resign, he would be the first member of either the major Liberal and Labor parties to be claimed by a saga that has captivated Australian politics since July.

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