June 30, 2022


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Bad state of College roads: Students speak on dangers and difficulties

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Jimoh Aishat Omotolani and Ayodabo Sururat Odunayo

As concerned students struggle and go about their daily activities, they fear for an unforeseen danger that might one day occur from the use of the bad roads leading to the College of Health Sciences, University of Ilorin.

In a bid to know how students who study in the College of Health Sciences feel about the state of roads they ply daily, UCJ UNILORIN interviews the concerned students, giving the opportunity for many to express the anguish suffered as a reward of plying these roads.

“Suffering is not only about accidents…”

In the interview conducted which cut across various students from different departments in the College, about 90% of students interviewed expressed their distress about lateness to lectures which is due to the delay either in getting Tricycles to their destination because of its scarcity or the low speed the drivers work at in a bid to tread lightly. Many students have however, sustained injuries, how minor so ever from the use of these roads.

According to *Plenty, a Medical student from College, “I pass through this road almost everyday and it is becoming scarier and injurious than before”. While mentioning the fact that they suffer through everyday use of the road, he further expresses that “suffering is not only about accidents, but anything that alters a state of normalcy”. Some interviewees made mention of the fact that they miss classes due to scarcity of keke – a result of avoiding to use the road to avoid damage while some express their sadness over having to voluntarily stab classes in a bid to take a break from the daily struggle. Thus, affecting their academics.

Surviving the bumps

This road begins from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences up to the New College, extending to the Old College as well. Keke riders have bitterly complained about a high disadvantage the use of the road pose to their health as well as that of their tricycles. Students, however, expressed that these men suffer losses from the use of this road.

*Case shared his experience of when he plied from New College to the Old College. He explained that the keke, probably moving a little too fast, landed them in a pothole and they all ended up on the ground. He escaped with a minor phone scratch. He shared with the UCJ UNILORIN another experience of when he had to ply keke late in the night and the driver, while dodging potholes for a ‘smooth’ ride, stumbled and landed on its side. *Arya shared her experience with a speeding keke driver who landed them in a drainage along the road while trying to avoid potholes. She, alongside other passengers, survived with minor injuries.

Suffering, with fear, on the College Road

These students expressed their fears on what might happen and more damage that might occur if the road is not repaired. “If nothing is done about this soon, keke might stop conveying us”. Another said, “I noticed the time the road was getting repaired. What was the cause of the abrupt halt?”

For *Obim, a 400 level student of Physiology Department, who lives PS, going to and coming from the old college to PS (Permanent site) “is a struggle and my friends and I have had many times when we had to wait for free ride because keke drivers prefer going to Old College/ UITH because the road is slightly better.”

*Starr, a 200 level student, a student of University of Ilorin, married, shared her experience with the UCJ UNILORIN on the struggle of journeying on the road for her periodic ante-natal check ups at the UITH. She mentioned the discomfort she had to experience the pain each time coupled with the trouble it causes for her foetus which she described as “my stomach is always in a kinetic mode as a result of using the road.”

As concerned students struggle and go about their daily activities, they fear for an unforeseen danger that might one day occur from the use of the bad road in college. They, however, hope a quick action is taken in respect of this in a bid to preserve the health, security of students, drivers and other users of this road. This too, will help prolong and promote a healthy academic life for them as well as maintain a healthy mental state.

*These names are all fictional as the interviewees chose to maintain their anonymity.

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