May 19, 2022


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Batula emerges as House Speaker as LSS House inaugurates student representatives

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Adedimeji Quayyim & Abdulateef Ibrahim

The Law Students’ Society (LSS) House of Representatives has been inaugurated to fully function as the representative arm of the Law Students Society, University of Ilorin, on Wednesday, 14th of July, 2021.

The inauguration, which was directed by the President of the Society, Mr. Ibrahim Ismail Mojisola, had the swearing-in of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Whip, Clerk, Sergeant-at-Arms, and House Leader as the principal members of the House.

The inauguration had Batula Oluwaseun emerge as the Speaker of the House, while Busari Jamaldeen, Onikeke Abdul-Gaffar, Ajalogun Olamilekan, and Oyebanji Bilaal were sworn-in as the Deputy Speaker, Chief Whip, House Leader, and the Sergeant-at-Arms respectively. 

The inauguration of the representatives of the House is being seen by the members of the society as critical, as there are due ratifications of critical organs of the LSS, which has been vested solely within the powers of the House.

The President of the LSS, Mr. Ibrahim Ismail in his meeting told Honourables that they should ensure that they represent their constituencies efficiently.

The speaker, Rt. Hon. Batula Oluwaseun entreated fellow Honourables to constantly maintain proper ethics on the floor of the house and conduct themselves accordingly. 

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