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BBI Press Release: PVC Sensitization Campaign For Nigerian Youth

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Date: Tuesday 27th, March 2018.
Contact: +2347068775529
PVC Sensitization Campaign For Nigerian Youth

The process of obtaining a Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) has begun in preparation for the 2019 general elections. The body in charge of the distribution of PVC, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has situated various registration units in all  the 774 recognized local governments in the country.
However, the report by INEC stating that millions of Nigerians especially youth are yet to obtain their PVC forms the rationale for this campaign.
Brain Builders International is a non-Governmental Organization focused on empowering, motivating and sensitising youth on the benefits and sociological advantages of acting responsibly-Good Governance and Accountability, as well as partaking in nation building –  in Nigeria and across Africa.
Over the years, the organisations has mobilised and empowered teeming youth on their constitutional duties and responsibilities, through workshops, seminars and campaigns. The rationale for sensitising youth on Permanent Voters Card, is to uphold her mission and vision (With hashtag #GetYourPVC_BBI).
This campaign shall run from 1st to 30th of April, 2018. It shall employ the the language of communication used by the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria (i.e Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba), while exploring the most efficient and effective media to reach its target audience.
The organization will employ various strategies and tactics in actualising the objectives of this campaign via social media, mainstream media, websites, contents, graphics and mobilise individuals to post on their web and social media pages in support of the campaign.
As we prepare for the 2019 general elections, we hereby declare our stand to make sure and call for equal participation of everyone; most especially the youths to go and register to vote. BBI clamours for a responsible government which cannot exist without obtaining a PVC. Get your PVC.
We believe that with our PVC, we can have a country with good road network,  portable water, stable power supply, utilise our land flowing of milk and honey and develop it for productivity.
We, therefore, enjoin the public to join our organisation as we move to clamour for a new Nigeria. It begins with you and us.


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