May 17, 2022


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BBNaija: Controversial Tacha disqualified ten days to grand finale

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Big Brother housemate, Tacha has been disqualified last night following a physical confrontation with co-housemate, Mercy.

The internet has gone wild as reactions trail the disqualification of Tacha and BBN fans surprisingly took to rejoicing after the decision was made. 

Tacha is understood to be a difficult fellow as she was central to many of the fights that have happened in the house. 

This confrontation which was quickly addressed by other housemates added a fresh element of drama to the show because the two participants had the biggest fan base. 

The fight broke out in the house yesterday morning  after the morning work-out courtesy of Mercy’s lateness in coming to the scroll-reading which got Tacha angry and made her insult the former, this led to an exchange of angry words between the duo who are understood to be arch rivals. Both of then accused each other with Tacha calling out Mercy for having “fake ass” and ” her body to get her way in the house”. Mercy responded, accusing her of having “body odour” and “being an internet beggar”.

The event quickly escalated with Tacha pulling Mercy’s hair and the latter threatening to use a hot iron. 

Mercy got two strikes for provoking Tacha while Tacha got disqualified for “breaking the house rule on physical violence and intent to harm” the moment she shoved Mercy.

Meanwhile, Mr P -popular Nigerian Hip- Hop  star who during a live instagram video last month promised to give Tacha a sum of 60 million (the prize money) if she eventually does not win has come out to deny making such statement. Mr P, via an instagram video again,  said he “never  promised to give her 60 million but how to teach her how to make 60 million instead.”

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