May 17, 2022


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Be morally upright, hardworking -Mrs. Osagbemi urges fresh vet students

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By: Aisha Jimoh

The faculty officer of veterinary medicine, Osagbemi admonished the fresh students during the faculty’s orientation for the freshmen tagged Whitecoats Day, to be morally upright and hardworking.

In her address, Osagbemi reminded the students of how tough it is to be in the faculty and thereby advised them to face squarely their studies in order to graduate from the University with good grades.

In the similar vein, Prof. Alayande of the department of veterinary parasitology welcomed the fresh students and congratulated them on their admission into the University. He described the course being offered to the students as one of the noblest course in the world today. He concluded by advising the students never to take the course with levity.

Meanwhile, another speaker, Dr. Ibrahim Adekunle, CEO Global Vetcare Nigeria Ltd, while addressing the students on business matters, told them to put their heart to it and learn the trade for them to be able to reap the profit. He concluded saying, “no sane man wants to dip his hand into a business that would not yield profit”.

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