May 17, 2022


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Better By Far: Unilorin is morally inclined and religiously imbibed

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( A response to:
In response to the lament over the delay in the academic activities in the Unilorin, it’s pertinent to remove the dents ignorantly melted on the school’s lush garment which was ostensibly carried out by one of her egocentric under processing product. It’s obvious the painter’s brush have been starved of some inks lately and this slight misdeed by his victim has dewed some inks to his brush ball; well Mr writer, it may interest you to know that you ain’t the only one with keen observation acumen, just some minutes ago such thought ruminated but it has to be shelved for more proper and clarified thoughts. This actually say much of your background and what man or woman you are growing to be – a type that with a slight inconsistence within the four wall of the house, it has to be spread across the skyview for all who have eyes to see and devour!
Well, since you’ve decided to wash your dirty linens in the glare of your unwilling audience, coming out to paint same in another colour to the same audience should not, I harbour a feeling of contempt but of honour to people like me; after all, we may be living in the same room, but our area of sight and comfort cannot at all time be same. Extolling the beauties of my academy is what I have come out to do, there’s no misunderstanding!
A couple of weeks ago, with empathy I listened to a friend of mine’s complain about the incessant destructive delay in overall activities of his school – Administrative and academic- this was a friend who got admitted ahead of me, I’m in my 200Level 1st semester while he’s on vacation for the 1st year’s 2nd semester.
The unreasonable part is that they just saw the 1st semester results – not all are out yet! Will this ever happen in my school, well, to be objective here, I’ll maintain that such is not yet in sight and may likely never! I remember our results started popping up merely a week or two after our exams. Isn’t it BETTR BY FAR, compare to that of my friend’s?
I’ve authority to say these, reason being that I had been to another school, but when compared to what it is here, there is wider dissimilarity! Take out the general outlook of the school, I expect anyone with fact to come out and refute the fact that Unilorin is a foremost student-oriented school in Nigeria. Probita doctrina is not just for gain saying, it has been blended with every modus operandi of the school, you never can tell where you learn and when your manners will be altered for good! Unilorin is morally inclined and religiously imbibed.
About the administration, no doubts, fraction and cracks do occur within the most united family, however, when compare with other households, one may be left with a deep breath of relief or a deep sigh of depression. I remember in one of our usual convos, this my friend once told me how it was likely that some members of academic staff ‘ganged up’ against the decision of the governing body to thwart the emergence of some particular principal officers.
This led to total disruption of both bodies. Can such ever happen here, well, I won’t say no, but that would be when staff (both academic and Administrative) are no more disciplined either by self virtues or imposed; and when well laid schemes of events are no longer honored and follow through. In Unilorin, “No distractions, is our attractions”.
With the proliferation of modern technologies and their applications via the engagement of experts with such valour, you can brush aside the enquiry on how possible examination results of over 20, 000 students could come out just a week after seating. Unilorin do not leave all this in the hand of technologies alone, human capacities are also harnessed and diligence is their watchword!
Further discussions with my friend reveals that even when a supposed inconsequential entity cough in his school, fever catches even the most prominent authority, little wonder the recent non academic staff industrial action also affected not only the academic staff but also the commuters, the best people like me can do for such darling friend is to pray for his school’s quick recovery and may we never experienced such here, Amin.
Have you been to a school before where the mere sight of the student’s ID card rope tells you what faculty, department or possibly the course he studies? Unilorin perfects such ingenuity. Of all about 15 faculties in the school, the colour of tag’s rope distinguishes one from other. You may be asking to what purpose, don’t forget I say Unilorin is student-oriented, there is a tip-of for the Security agency operating in school and of course, inculcating work ethics in the students before releasing them to outside world because your ID card is mandatory to be on you at all time within the school premises.
Polemics in reference to how tedious and competitive gaining admission in Unilorin could be have been on for only God knows how long, but the truth is that being a first-choice-school. Fine admission is strict however it’s worth noting that it devoids ambiguity when eventually gained – you can be in the comfort zone of your room and fulfil all the righteousness via Internet, and when date for assumption is announced, enter class.
In the same light, and of course as the bane of all arguments, academically, Unilorin, amongst her peers, is not lagging behind. There are mechanisms put in place to aid learning and teaching; as part of the school’s futuristic advancement goals, moving along with the tides of technological advancement that is fast becoming inseparable with the society, infrastructure are being put in place to enable the students and staffers dive along smoothly. Worthy materials in terms of texts might not be available in their hardcopies yet, hence the need to furbish every qualified member of the university community with unhindered access to Internet at every point in time within the school environs. Ask me if such initiative is applicable else where, I’ll tell it can definitely, but within inconsistency in their modus operandi.
The University do not want to entertain excuse for failure from her students, hence provides an all-round access to Internet and E-library for easy access to conforming updated academic materials. This shows that Unilorin is at the forefront when it come to students’ welfarism.

What has happened, real students had just had their normal communion and in this kind, blood and anguish as bread and wine. For where? In Unilorin, you remain that tamed students until the last day of your studentship. No! That’s not to tame the students ingenuity, their intellectualism and their confidence, no. That’s just to tame that unnecessary vengeance, to imbibe the quality of self-restrainedness and ability to see things from other peaceful point views and applying less conflicting resolutions.

Security of life is guaranteed, cultism-free, fear-free; No arbitrary fighting, do it and be shown the way out – no matter whose idiotic animal’s breed is flogged! And talking about students Unionism, well, Unilorin has fundamentally taken care of that. There’s a students’ Union, and not students’ Union Government. If you understand what that simple term ‘government’ could be interpreted to, you would understand why every wordcraft needed to be holistically looked into before letting a legal pronouncement back up.
Some schools in their tartered regalia perhaps could not look beyond the surface meanings of this word, hence their incessant scoring of own’s goals. Unilorin is not building rascals as students Unionists, no! With conceptual framework of Unionism, Unilorin is experimenting and industrializing  what ideal politics should look like by ploughing avenue for students to engage in ideal political game in the school – such game that devoids of rancor, bitterness, vengeance and unwarranted names calling.
After all, Unilorin believes her politically breeding intelligentsia and intellectualists (those who are ready to revolutionised our lacuna political space) would soon take over the real arena and that utopian society everyone is craving for would be achieved. Let’s me drop some hints on how the game is played here: the candidates must first be digitalized; campaign is digital, presentation of manifestos is digitalized, debates are digitalized and the D-day is also digitalized. Students seat at their comfort zone to exercise their franchise. Except Unilorin, which other school does this in Nigeria, none.
So, all these said and known of, it’s unexpected of anyone (not to even talk of someone who should know better) to come out and jettison what we should all gather around and protect.

What happen is not a result of internal undoing, it’s obviously external! Majority of Federal schools as I type are being faced with same challenge. Thank God we have people here who are working round the clock to ensure things fall back to normal and in earnest. Coming out to sharpen or get some undue encomiums over what should be discouraged. When one sees his father’s third leg enjoying strange breeze, do you son gather villagers to come and see it?
The best that is expected of such a cultured son who believes in the pristine blessings of his father is to first cover him up and then later tell him of what he is not being conscious; and all in hermitage.
Abdullahi, Ridhwan A. Adetutu.

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