August 15, 2022


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Biafra: Prophet Iginla releases prophecies about Nnamdi Kanu, young president, Igbo becoming Nigeria’s president

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Joshua Iginla, the founder Champions Royal Assembly, has prophesied that Biafra will soon be actualized.

The clergyman said though Biafra will not be actualized through the elusive leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, “more crazier Nnamdi Kanu’s will rise.”

Addressing members of his church in Abuja, Iginla also disclosed that God told him that before Biafra is actualized, an Igbo man will become president of Nigeria.

The Biafra agitation will resurface again with a new strategy with a lot of mystery that would be unveiled in the cry out.

From 2029, a new generation of leaders will rise up in Nigeria, new faces of intelligent persons.

“God said to me that PDP and APC will keep having rotational circles until 2029 when a generation of the kind of leaders that we are looking for spring forth. None of these parties will produce our David, they will only be producing our Sauls.

“Between 2029 and 2038, a young vibrant politician from the least region will rise up with a strong presidential vigor between the age of 37 to 50 and he will turn the economy around, he will cause a change that would move this country to the dream land.

“The Igbos will smile again because within this season I see the Igbos producing a president for this country. It will be like sort of revolution but it will come to pass.

“There will be crazier Nnamdi Kanu that will rise up, the problem of Biafra is not over.

“God is showing me that the person that will bring about the realization of Biafra is not Nnamdi Kanu, he is a John the Baptist.”


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