May 25, 2022


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Birthday: Aare sends birthday wishes to Sub-dean Student Affairs

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Written by Comrade AARE (FOSSSA) President.

There is no density or infallibility that measures a leader with passion and missions but through actions and dedications towards achieving uncommon goals and ability of a good sense of belongings accelerated with sense of reasoning is highly called a LEADER!

Dr Alex If my prowess starts to write and write till the end time comes is not enough, because, Good is not enough for those who deserve the best. You have been a leader and a father, mentor, who gives motivations and anticipation with just appearance. Thine physic is okay for a leader and a father like you, let alone, you sit followers and pour orientations on them.

History will never forget a man who turned a town into a city and a man who turned a city into a town, your leadership acceleration comes beyond what one can measure or weigh because of your accuracy, intelligence, orientation, diplomacy, articulate, prudence, and application of mediating with your level of principles and value for all have signified that you’re a true born leader beyond thousands of beings.

Continuity theory has proven your stand as an in-born leader who is born to lead, as a matter of fact I will like to use this note to draft people back to little in your story of who is Mr No “Tension” one time University of Ilorin, Students union president and now nineteen years after is the sub-dean students affairs of the same university. Your leadership idiosyncrasies have contributed to the development of University of Ilorin as the mantra implies “Better by far ” university worth in learning and character.

Leaders are not born, they are made, you were born to be great and you rebuilt yourself to be a good leader and father. The university has not chosen wrong for making you the sub-dean of the university, I wonder if not you then who? that will understand the mechanism of relating with comrades both soft and tough when the road is tough and rough it calls for intelligence not just about knowledge,  you deserve an accolade.

On the occasion of your birthday, I look forward to seeing you become the Governor of Osun state while I equally look forward to serve as your chief of staff, because I learnt a lot from your experience and your leadership orientation and mechanism sir!

As you say, “NO TENSION” you have come into this world to become great and you will continue to be great. On behalf of myself and entire students of faculty of social science, We felicitate and congratulate you for sighting another glamorous and glittering day you were born.

Executive President Faculty of social sciences,
Comrade Olorede Abdul Gafar AKA AARE

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