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University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria

From Instagram posts to morning smoothies, you cannot seem to escape the avocado in 2017. But the fruit could soon become even more popular after a Spanish company announced it is launching reduced-fat avocados for the first time. Isla Bonita claims their Avocado Light has up to 30% less fat than ordinary fruits. They also say it ripens faster and oxidises – or goes that weird shade of brown – slower. The avocados are grown under special soil and climate conditions to provide the same nutritional benefits with less fat, according to the company’s website. Avocados are a foodie hit for their rich and creamy texture caused by their high-fat content – an average fruit has between 20-30g of fat. Most of this is monosaturated fat, which has been linked to the reduction of cholesterol and lowered risk of cancer and heart disease. UCJ, UNILORIN.

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