May 19, 2022


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Body of Benchers: 73 applicants to be called to the Students’ Union Bar

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By Christiana Peter, Akintola Abduljalal

The body of benchers, university of Ilorin, releases results for the call to bar exercise, today, 5th of April 2021.

There was a total of 128 applications only which 73 met the required percentage to be called to the bar. 19 didn’t sit for the exam and 36 didn’t meet the required percentage.

The body of benchers, having met the provisions of the Students Legal Practitioners Act, considering all requirements as to the conducts and learning of applicants, is set to hold the call to bar ceremony on the 16th of April, 2021

According to the Chief Justice of the Students’ Union, Azeez Mujeeb Opeyemi, “Being a student legal practitioner opens one’s mind to law as it is in court and life. The law as it obtains in Nigerian Courts are applied and learnt under strict observation of a judge. This makes the laws taught in class more relatable and prepares student legal practitioners for their future in legal practice”.

He further mentioned some alumni and how their constant student legal practice made them achieve a state of mastery, of themselves as human, of their laws and its principles and the workings of the judiciary.

Student legal practitioners are therefore advised to take legal practice seriously as it enhances more than just the advocacy skill

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