August 11, 2022


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Bolt serious on soccer career

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Usain Bolt says he is serious about starting up a soccer career now he has retired from sprinting — and believes he could even be good enough to play for Jamaica.
The 31-year-old eight-time Olympic gold medalist, currently recovering from a hamstring injury, accepted there might be some scepticism but said it had always been his boyhood dream.
He was speaking before world champion Lewis Hamilton drove him around the Circuit of the Americas in a Mercedes AMG sportscar, sending the car sliding into corners and ending with tyre-smoking spins.
Bolt, who suffered the injury in his final race, the world championships 4 x 100 meters relay final, again ruled out any athletics comeback, saying he missed the laughs and banter but not the training and he was intending to start a family.
“I’m waiting to see if my football career will go anywhere but I definitely want to work with the IAAF in ways to promote the sport and help keep it on the level on which I left it,” he added.

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