June 25, 2022


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Bournemouth defeat Sánchez-less Arsenal for first time in history

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Alexis Sánchez was excluded from Arsenal’s match squad against Bournemouth on Sunday which eventually led to a 2-1 defeat. This was the latest indication that he is switching clubs in this Transfer window. Reportedly, Manchester rivals, City & United are vying for the Chilean’s signature.
Arsenal’s boss, Arsène Wenger finally admitted last Friday that Alexis Sánchez would not sign a new contract at Arsenal; his deal is set to expire in the summer. And, with Sánchez’s agent due in England for talks, the saga has now entered its end game.
Speaking ahead of the game against Bournemouth, Wenger said: “Sanchez is being vague at the moment. “His situation is not completely decided one way or the other, so I left him at home.”
Asked whether a resolution is “fairly imminent”, the manager replied: “Yes. Don’t read too much into it, because even I don’t know really what way it will go.”


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