May 26, 2022


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BREAKING: English department president impeached

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Salman Ibraheem

President of the department of English and literary studies, Comrade Abubakar Jubril, popularly known as Lewbreeze, was impeached yesterday, Thursday, 25th 2019.

Lewbreeze was accused by the congress, of misappropriation of funds, impersonation, and negligence of duty.

The Congress held at A2, Faculty of Arts saw members of the faculty executives who are students of the department in attendance.

Comrade Gafar, the speaker of the department said “According to the constitution, each member of the congress must have an identity card”

“Thus we contributed five hundred and fifty naira each to the president but he failed to provide the identity card and was unable to refund the money”

He continued that the president has not been punctual in performing his statutory duty, said “He is always absent in most congress”[SIC]

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Arts PRO, comrade Jeff, was surprised at the absence of the president at the congress and asked the congress why the President was not around.

Responding to this, the speaker said that he is not in position to answer that.

Comrade Babaita, faculty of Arts chief whip, moved a motion for impeachment of the President and was seconded by comrade Jeff.

A stakeholder from the department, comrade Voice, moved a motion, which was unanimously seconded, that the vice President, Adebayo Hannah be sworn in as the President.

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