May 19, 2022


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BREAKING: Korope fare returns to N50

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By Amazing Grace, Ibraheem Salman

After series of meetings between the students union and campus shuttle drivers over the fare of transportation, the bane of the controversy has finally been resolved.

Earlier yesterday, the students union in a broadcast signed by the president and the union’s PRO announced that the transportation fare has been restored to N50, the usual price. The price was increased to N60 upon resumption at the beginning of this semester.

The broadcast read: “What better way to end the year for us as a Union that to announce to all students of the University of Ilorin that the Korope Shuttle fare has been finally restored to N50 for all bus stops from school to terminus”

“This new resolution is the outcome of the meeting that was held today with the leadership of the Korope Union”

The Union however apologized to all students that the news had not come before now and also for any inconveniences that they might have experienced in the last few months as a consequence of the increment.

The rebranding the value system administration added “However, we have come to realize that Korope Campus Shuttle is not and cannot be a permanent solution to the transportation of our students, and we are not relenting on our efforts to proffer better long-term alternatives to Korope on campus.”

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