May 26, 2022


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BREAKING: Lagos hostel Hall Rep may have been removed

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Relying on the update on the University of Ilorin Students’ Union Twitter page, the Hall Rep for the Lagos male hostel, Senator Garba Musa Eleweogede might have been removed.

The Union’s Twitter handle, as of yesterday, announced the procedure for a bye-election for the vacant position of the Hall Rep which is to span between 19th of March and 23rd of March 2019.

The Twitter account reads: “kindly be aware that as regards the vacant position of the Hall Rep of the Lagos (Male) Hostel, a bye election will be conducted in that regard.

Form Purchase, Screening, Election: March (19-21, 22, 23) 2019 respectively. Form coats #1,500.


Further leads on the development suggests that the decision to remove the Senator was taken on Tuesday by the Students’ affairs unit of the university. 

The reason for the dismissal remains unknown and efforts to get across to the Senator for clarification have not yielded any positive result as at the time of publication of this report. 

UCJ-UNILORIN shall keep our audience updated as soon as more revelations are made.

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