May 17, 2022


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BREAKING: Unilorin student hit by motorcyclist

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A student of university of Ilorin, has been hit by a motorcyclist along MFM junction, Tanke Ilorin.
At about 9:10pm, an accident involving a 100level student of the university and a motorcyclist occurred somewhere close to MFM junction, Tanke.
Reports from i–Witness account has it that;
The student went to buy pepper and was merely crossing the road when he was hit by a cyclist who was running at high speed and was unable to apply breaks, the student who was hit had his right leg broken and the motorcyclist who lost control of his motorcycle took to his heels when his motorcycle went up in flames and had his legs catching fire in the ordeal. Moments after which the student was rushed to the university hospital inside a commercial bus popularly known as korope around 9:24”.
As of the time of this report, SU PRO, Com. MYT, confirmed that the student is receiving treatment at the school clinic.
However, UCJ Unilorin is yet to confirm the identity of the student involved…

Odeyemi Mubarak,

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