May 19, 2022


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BREAKING: Unilorin2021: OMOLUABI is the President-elect

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At the presidential level, Taofik Waliu Opeyemi aka OMOLUABI has been declared the winner of the today’s election.

OMOLUABI was voted as the President in a virtual voting system conducted by the University of Ilorin Student’s Independent Electoral Commission (UISIEC) led by Commissioner Bacha Shuaib Assayouti.

OMOLUABI emerged victorious after polling 2306 votes to outnumber his closest opponents, Ibitoye Gbenga who polled 1890, followed by Jimoh Toyyib Mayowa with 689 votes.

The students of the University of Ilorin, Today, between the hours of and elected into various offices members of the new leadership of the Students’ Union that will pilot the affairs of the union in the next academic session.

For the office of the vice-president, PS, Badiru Haneefah Motunrayo emerged the winner with 711 votes against her opponents Ibrahim Fatimah Who had polled 452 votes.

For the position General secretary, Adeleye Isaac Adéwálé emerged the winner with 113 votes against his opponent Adeniran Funminiyi Pious who polled 101 votes.

For the office of Assistant General secretary, Ogunsesan Halimat was declared winner with 57 votes, followed by her immediate opponent who had 46 votes.

For the offices of the Vice President, college of health sciences and the Public Relations Officer (PRO), it was declared that By-elections would be conducted at a later date which will be announced at the later date by the electoral commission.

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