May 17, 2022


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BREAKING: Unilorin2021: Ozizi, Owoseni screened out

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Two out of the five presidential candidates in the 2021 Unilorin Students’ Union elections, Owoseni Adegoke Isreal and his counterpart, Ozizi Elijah Opisa have been screened out, the screening result reveals.

The result which was pasted tonight on the notice board adjacent of the Student’s Affairs Unit however has the other three contestants, Jimoh Toheeb Mayowa (JACKSON), Gbenga Ibitoye (IBITOYE) and Taofik Waliu Opeyemi (ỌMỌLUABI) still in the race for the number one seat in Kaduna Nzeogwu house.

Earlier today during the presidential debate organised by the 7th Sense Concept, the disqualified duo had expressed strong optimism to become the next Student’s Union President.

For Owoseni, in his word, “When we talk of a competent leader, we are talking of an all-round leader. Nothing can deter me to be the next president of this Union.”, Owoseni had said.

Also Ozizi expressed that; “When I decided to run for this office, I checked, rechecked, evaluated and re-evaluated myself and I found out that I have no demerit to disqualify me from running for this office but qualities, competence, capabilities, and energy to get the result that we desire.”

More details shortly….

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