May 17, 2022


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Broken The Movie: Organizers Apologize to Fans, Set to Show Movie for Free

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The Production team of Broken, a movie by Sulaimon Abdulqodri (a.k.a Quality) has shown to the public, their remorse and tendered unreserved apology for the disappointment experienced by audience at the Premiere of the movie, last Thursday.

According to the Production Manager of the movie, Ajisafe Sulaiman Akorede (a.k.a Sulexman), the unexpected incident was due to a technical error that occurred minutes to the commencement of the show.

Indeed unimaginable and unexpected was the circumstances of the happenings at the supposed premiere yesterday. This has in turn birthed a learning and another level of exposure to situations of life for us. To this, with a heart of humility and a deep sense of responsibility, we sincerely apologize to all our friends, lovers, supporters and well wishers for the disrupt at the movie premiere. We assure it can only go better. Thanks for your love and support” Mr Suleiman said.

Narrating the ordeal to UCJ, the production manager said “To God, It was beyond our comprehension, we did preview the movie before the show and it was working perfectly, by 7:00pm when we tried to play it again, it didn’t, we tried all possible best, maybe it was a virus or it was copied wrongly we couldn’t say, the only backup we had was far from reachable” He further said “When we did finally get to play the movie, our generator stopped and that was the last blow. People couldn’t bear it anymore and left with disappointments

The production team has however assured their prospective audience, a successful Premiere as they are working tirelessly round the clock.

The new date for the Premeier will be next week, specific date to be communicated soon and it will be free.

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