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CBT centre stampede aftermath: Unilorin students lament

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CBT centre stampede aftermath: Unilorin students lament

By Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu

Incidence of stampede at the university of Ilorin CBT centres yesterday still appears like nightmares in the minds of many students of the university, most especially ones that were directly affected.

Earlier report has it that not less than ten students, including an asthmatic patient, lost consciousness as result of the headlong dispersion that emanated from the mammoth crowd at the centre.

The complaints according to many centred on what many regard as faulty time schedule, improper arrangements from the side the management, inorderliness and impatience from the side of the students.

A lot of the affected students are still counting their losses. Tongues are still wagging especially from the angle of general students populace. Narrations, condemnations and vituperations have been the highlights of their engagement with the UCJ-UNILORIN on the matter.

“Yeah, I was at the CBT center yesterday and I witnessed a lot of students collapse.Before I went in for my exam, I saw at least 12 students collapse cause I had the opportunity of writing my exam early.

“In the case of the cause of the collapse,I will blame both the CBT organisers and the students… On the part of the school authority (CBT organisers) they fixed both agric 200 level and education 200 level general course on the same day with 9 other different faculty.. They were not even prepared enough for the task and we started so late cause of the report that some system were faulty

On the part of the students,we were not organised. We could have just waited in peace without stress.”,  Kolawole AbdulRaheem, 200Level, Education recounted.

“I personally witnessed  9 persons among those was a boy… The cause is simply by the Fact that CBT managers’ because of their personal interest. (They) scheduled 11 courses in a day like Friday and at the same time, so with a large Number of students they could not master and dominate the situation, so everything went out of control… In addition from 8am the examinations took end untill by 3pm to 4pm… It was not easy i think University management should take a precaution to avoid this kind matter.”, 200Level student from the faculty of Education, lamented.

“Not fewer than 46 students fainted cos of long queue, stuffy process of pushing themselves and also stress and poor health condition. A student allegedly died cos she was asthmatic and she was not given quick medical attention”, an English Education, 200Level student complained.

“Yes I was at the CBT center for PLB 202 today. I witnessed 5 ladies collapsed before I finally gained entrance to the CBT hall. One collapsed under the CBT pavillion. 2 ladies collapsed while being tightly packed like sardines on the queue. 

Another lady collapsed at the CBT checkpoint (1) near the security officials and the last I witnessed was a lady before the final checkpoint.”, Michael Ayangbola from the department of Plant Biology recounted.

“My friend, a student of economics, was one of fainted. She was rushed to the clinic. The ones I know we’re about 11 people. Stress and pushing are the causes” A student of economics also witnessed.

“There was a chaos at the CBT center yesterday. There were quite a large number of students and there was no proper student management. Personally, I think the root of the problem is from the structure of the timetable. There were about 10 courses situated in the timetable for 8am to 11:30am. These courses are also courses from about 8 to 9 different faculties. Students also didn’t follow due protocols and processes of remaining on the as subtle as possible but instead made it look like a survival of the fittest game. Due to the rush and poor student management, Some students were open to health hazard. There were cases of students fainting, mostly female students. I witnessed about 5 personally, one of which was an Asthmatic patient who was said to have misplaced her inhaler while struggling to remain on the queue to gain entrance into the CBT centre. Immediately she fainted, she was rushed to a Clinic (I don’t know if it is the school’s Clinic or UITH) in one of the car of the staff of the CBT center. I myself suffered severe migraine on returning to my hostel after the struggling at the CBT centre. I could remember I left the CBT centre around 10:30am and I had gotten there around 8am.”, Olatunde Fadilah Ololade a 100level student of Anatomy complained.


“I couldnt count but I saw people collapsing. The stampede was really bad. The arrangement of time table was so unfair how can 11 department be having exam by 8am. Had it been they divided it like some 8am while some 11am at least it willnt be that worst. I am not an asthmatic patient but I couldnt breath probably like it was so deadly and dreadful. I injured my arm. So many injured themselves all in the name of examination. Please Unilorin should do something to it. Next week friday 19th of July, 10 department are having exam. Same as 26th of July, 8 department are having exam. I think the main cause of what happened today is the arrangement of the time table”, student of Food Science lamented.


The institution’s management  had fixed examinations for about 25 departments across not less than seven faculties among which are the three most populous faculties – Education, Arts and  Agriculture – with number of students well above seven thousand as a whole.


According to the timetable as released prior to the second semester 2018/2019 academic session’s examinations, on the fateful day, students were to write CHM 116 for 100level students of Chemistry, MEE272 for the 200level students of Mechanical Engineering, PLB202 for Plant Biology students, ECN202 (a faculty core course) for students of social sciences including students of Economics.


Other courses fixed for the day were: POS214, for the 200level students of Political science, LIS106 for Library and Information Science 100level students; ACC/FIN346 for the 300Level students of Accounting, RCR122 for the students of Religious, Also, STA132 for the students of Statistics.


Others were EDU214, a general core course for all the 200level students of faculty of education, and the case recorded same for the faculty of Agriculture where AGY205 written by all 200level students of the faculty. Faculties of Education and Agriculture have about ten and nine departments respectively in them.

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