August 15, 2022


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Chelsea rumours angers Conte

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has attacked rumours that his Premier League title champions have turned against him this season.
UK newspaper The Sun claimed that players had been texting former Chelsea No.2 Steve Holland to suggest that they no longer had a healthy relationship with Conte, although the story has been been pulled from its website.
Holland left his role in the summer to be England assistant coach working under Gareth Southgate and the reports had claimed that Chelsea players felt overworked in training in 2017-18.
He is thought to have sent text messages to Conte and others at Chelsea to say that the story was untrue, while Conte publicly fumed at the rumours in Friday’s press conference.
“Around us there is a lot of bullsh*t,” he told reporters ahead of Chelsea’s clash with Bournemouth on Saturday. “I see the past it happened the same with a lot of managers [at Chelsea].
“A lot of bullsh*t. They try to create problems between me, the club and the players. If someone is happy to continue to write this I answer very well in the past. I am answering very well about these different issues.”

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