May 26, 2022


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Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante accuses former agent of fraud

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Chelsea and France midfielder N’ Golo Kante has filed a criminal complaint accusing one of his former agents of fraud and attempted fraud, Paris prosecutors said on Thursday .

The complaint, originally reported by L ’ Equipe sports newspaper , also alleges breach of trust and the illegal practising of the profession of the agent .
The allegations concern an agent who had responsibility for Kante ’ s image rights whom the player accuses of demanding additional payment in return for cancelling their contract in 2017.

Kante , 28 , also accuses the agent of trying to interfere in his career by attempting to persuade him to join Real Madrid when it was not his role to do so .
In an interview with L ’ Equipe on Thursday , Kante said : “I believe my confidence has been abused .
“ We had reached an agreement to cancel the contract but this person went back on it .
“ At the same time , they tried to spread defamatory things about my entourage and within my entourage to put pressure on me. I , therefore , took steps to separate from them as quickly as possible . ”
A report this week on French investigative website Mediapart said Kante had been threatened with violence during a battle for influence among his advisors and agents.
Kante denies he was ever threatened.

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