May 25, 2022


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China closes school ‘teaching women to be obedient’

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Chinese authorities have shut down an institute that was teaching women to be obedient and subordinate to men. The education bureau said the institute, which claimed it taught “traditional virtues”, had violated socialist core values.
An online video showed lecturers speaking out against gender equality, while other advice to women included not fighting back when being beaten. China has seen a rise in similar institutes in recent years.
The viral video posted by news website Video Pear shows teachers at the Fushun School of Traditional Culture telling women they should not attempt to have a career but “just stay at the bottom level”. It urges women to unconditionally obey their fathers, husbands and sons.
Other “advice” from the controversial school included never arguing when scolded and never divorcing. The teachers are also seen warning that if a woman has sex with more than three men, the semen becomes poisonous and might kill her. “Whatever your husband asks, your reply should be: ‘Yes. Right away'” one lecturer tells his students.


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