August 15, 2022


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Chinese ambassador to US, ‘Look in the mirror’

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China’s ambassador on Monday brushed off the Trump administration’s complaints that Beijing is employing predatory trade and economic practices to bully and intimidate neighbours, suggesting that the United States “look in the mirror because they might be describing themselves.”
Ambassador Cui Tiankai’s comments during a briefing with reporters came as President Trump prepares to leave Washington at week’s end for a 12-day swing through five Asian nations, including China, during which the main topics are expected to be confronting North Korea and discussions on U.S. trade relations in the region.
At the same time, however, Cui sketched out a muscular view of Chinese foreign policy and urged the United States and its allies to do more to pursue a “negotiated solution” to Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program and to ratchet down rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
Cui said China is faithfully implementing the United Nations Security Council’s new economic sanctions on North Korea, but he added that “if only China is making its best efforts and others are doing things that lead to an escalation of tensions, this issue will not be solved.”


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